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Microsoft Catapult, Intel's Xeon-FPGA, Altera's floating point DSP, they are going to same direction

Intel is planning to manufacutre CPU-FPGA hybrid chip based on Xeon E5. They have announced shortly before to make 14nm FPGAs for Altera . So, some presses reported that Intel's Xeon-FPGA chip likely has an FPGA from Altera. Microsoft is trying to integrate FPGA and CPU in datacenters for Bing. Coincidentally, they use Altera Stratix V FPGAs for their pilot project. Also, Microsoft hopes to deploy the system in production in 2015. 2015? Altera announced Floating Point DSP blocks for FPGA. Coincidentally, they said that the DSP blocks will be available in Startix 10 FPGAs in 2015 . So, Microsoft is very likely to use Startix 10 with floating point DSP blocks for their deployment. On next step, Microsoft would use Xeon-FPGA chip for their deployment.
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Searching compressed text

Lzgrep search compressed text without uncompressing. If it is faster than zgrep which uncompress the file before do grep, it's usable. This paper say lzgrep is upto 50% faster than zgrep. I roughly tested on apache logs which is compressed by gzip. On most of case, lzgprep is only 10% faster than zgrep.